MBT Restaurant Management is bringing Grand Beirut to the world through Expo

Preservation of culture through globalization, evolution, and sustainability

Grand Beirut has landed six months stay at the world’s largest dialogue exchange and innovation event. Hosted at the Expo’s sustainability pavilion with the agenda of preservation and growing positive global movements, Grand Beirut has found the ultimate platform to communicate its narrative.

“Globalization is a key contributor to the preservation of heritage; cultural exchange builds rapport and appreciation amongst different civilizations and one of the best ways to stimulate cultural discovery is through authentic cuisine. Our concept aims to serve as a platform that will showcase Middle Eastern gems to the world. Sampling food during travel will always leave a resonating memory of the visited destination and these cultural traces remain for a lifetime. Grand Beirut’s ambience has filled the travel gap by showcasing the Levant through an artistically crafted setting.

Understanding the pivotal role that interiors play in fulfilling a dining experience and in order to heighten every sense - we spared no effort in engineering a space that pays homage to Lebanon’s iconic elements. The creation was inspired by enchanting nature, stunning architecture and cultural landmarks that transport you straight to the charm exuding capital.” Niveen Ibrahim - COO at MBT Development and Executive Director at MBT Restaurant Management

“The versatility that comes with Lebanese food is a result of the region’s ancient history, ruled by many foreign powers, the tastes of Lebanon have been influenced by an array of cuisines. For thousands of years, people would pass through the region with all sorts of exotic delicacies. Through progression and innovation, these ancient aromas have developed into what is now widely known as Levantine cuisine. Grand Beirut strives towards continuing the momentum of evolution to keep the culture alive, our formula is evolving traditional dishes while staying true to authentic flavors. One of our rising flavors is ‘Halloumi Muhamara Bil Apricot’ – it combines traditional flavors in which an apricot, onion, and cider chutney is simmered for several hours before being served with muhamarra coated fried halloumi – a true mélange. Bringing in food artistry to the mix is birthing an evolution of new flavors that people have come to appreciate.” Danny Kattar – General Manager at MBT Restaurant Management

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Grand Beirut has partnered up with ‘Fresh On Table’ - a Dubai based start-up that promotes sustainability in the agricultural sector. The aim is to promote food security, healthy living, and reduced carbon footprint by sourcing local, selling local and supporting local communities and those who are farming on a scale that is human and humane. We are committed to food that is being grown in a wholesome and sustainable manner. Additionally, Grand Beirut will soon be announcing the initiation of a fully-fledged campaign dedicated towards promoting sustainability.

Implementing an ambitious project is not easy - it requires topnotch skillset and effective management for the concept to be realized successfully. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to MBT’s Projects Director - Isaam Hallak for his endless efforts, dedication, and the accomplishment of a very tough mission amongst many other ongoing projects amidst all the challenging circumstances. I would also like to extend my thanks to "WA International" - the interior design consultancy that helped turn our vision into reality, and our contractor “Design Smith” for the professional handling and fit-out execution.” Niveen Ibrahim - COO at MBT Development and Executive Director at MBT Restaurant Management

MBT Restaurant Management is striving to build an unmatched restaurant empire by creating a new paradigm through Grand Beirut. A concept that is sustaining culture by pioneering and innovating to cater to evolving global trends. With one location in Dubai Silicon Oasis and two more opening in Abu Dhabi, Grand Beirut is setting itself for worldwide franchising through its distinct concept offering. MBT RM’s objective is not only restaurant expansion but creating a global movement that will contribute to the wider scheme of preserving culture. On behalf of the entire team at MBT – we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the leadership for their persistent efforts in hosting this esteemed global event set to influence prosperous future development hence allowing us to communicate our vision to the world.

About MBT Restaurant Management

MBT Restaurant Management LLC is the F&B development and management division of MBT Development. The company was born out of a passion for bringing ideas to life and providing trendy, exciting, and innovative concepts. It is led by Niveen Ibrahim and Danny Kattar who bring a combined experience of over 40 years in shaping Abu Dhabi's culinary, retail, and hospitality industry Our prime locations across the UAE, GCC and Middle East are a testament of our commitment to continuously offering our guests a unique experience, while ensuring the highest standards and quality.

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